Telling Stories of all kinds in all kinds of ways. Photography. Writing. Video. Audio. I am passionately curious about our world, its people, places, personalities, perspectives, and all of its stories and ideas. And I am passionate about the art of sharing those ideas, the art of communication and its ability to inspire, influence, inform, and incite change. My entrance into the world of media began with my love for photography and a simple aesthetic curiosity inspired by light, composition, color, and typography. After several years as a professional graphic designer and photographer, I began to explore the story-telling capactiy of photography and learning how to capture stories in multiple formats: sights, sounds, and senses delivered through photography, video, audio, and writing. Through an internship with Turner Broadcasting and a fellowship with Time Inc., I gained hands-on experience of the highest level of media production and cooperation between photographers, editors, writers, designers, videographers, and web developers. I learned that the efficacy of communication depends not on the type of media, but upon its quality and depth. Therefore, as I attempt to broaden my knowledge and skill-set, I strive not to compromise the level of performance and substance produced in each domain. Engaging all of the principles of aesthetics and journalism in multimedia requires both creative and analytical acumen, for content cannot simply be “well-written” or “beautifully lit,” if it is not responsible to the story and its subjects. But this leads us to more profound questions and deeper curiosities about truth, perception, interpretation, empathy, and what it means to adequately portray reality. While earning my master’s degree from the University of Oxford, I explored the careful balancing of the objective and the subjective components of truth. I discovered that this dynamic approach, incorporating both the emic and the etic, can be cultivated, and can enhance my ability to tell stories more incisvely. As I continue pursuing my insatiable curiosities, I also continue expanding and refining the technical and conceptual skills that make the art of beautiful and honest communication possible.